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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes. All credit and debit cards accepted.

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Bottle CoolerWine Bottle Cooler

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Dual wine cooler and 3 wine Bottle Cooler versions

The two versions that are available are the 2 bottle cooler and the 3 bottle cooler, meaning that depending on your requirements you have a choice of model.


Given the time it takes to chill a bottle or beverage, having 3 spaces is no disadvantage, within 10 minutes you could chill up to 9 bottles (depending on room temperature and bottle type). The idea being that you are unlikely to need more spaces for bottles because of how many can be chilled in a timeframe. Rather than the traditional and cumbersome alternatives that rely on storing as many as possible this bottle cooler relies on efficiency and speed to do the same job. This is what makes our wine Bottle Cooler so unique within the marketplace.

Having multiple slots for the bottles also means that you can chill different bottles to differing temperatures simultaneously; lights and buzzers indicate which bottle is ready and when. Rather than a wine cabinet that cools everything to the same temperature this offers versatility through functionality.

Bottle Cooler


The bottle cooler is ideal as wine cooler in restaurants due to it being robust and built with a solid structure. The metal panels, fan driven coolant system, and robust design means that it can be used vigorously in commercial environments. The wine Bottle Cooler is therefore a great tool for any environment and is more efficient than traditional wine coolers in many ways.


For more information on our wine Bottle Cooler: Please click the link Wine Cooler.


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