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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes. All credit and debit cards accepted.

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Bottle Cooler SpecificationsBottle Cooler Specifications


You simply put a bottle in the bottle cooler’s special sleeve and select the desired time, 4, 6 or 8 minutes. (It will take more time if the environmental temperature is higher than 18°C)


The process of cooling is very easy: The bottle cooler works using a secondary refrigerant liquid, that circulates inside the bath, at a temperature of approximately -35°C .


Once the bottle has reached the desired temperature, both a buzzer and an indicator LED indicate which bottle is ready to be used.


The bottle coolers have impermeable sleeves. Each sleeve has an independent electronic timer, that indicates when  the drinks temperature has reduced from the room temperature, to the optimal temperature for drinking. 


External dimensions.

Bottle Cooler 2 bottle version: L mm 490 x D mm 440 x H min. 360 mm – H max mm 420
Bottle Cooler 3 bottle version: L mm 590 x D mm 470 x H min. 360 mm – H max mm 420.

Net weight Kg. 32 – 35 kg.
Gross weight Kg. 35 – 38 kg.

Box measurements mm. 600 x 490 X 520H

Pallet measurements cm. 120 x 120 x 210H

Quantity per pallet: 12 

Refrigerant Gas : R 134a