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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes. All credit and debit cards accepted.

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Q - Serving wine at the perfect temperature
The finer the wine, the less it needs chilling. Bottle Cooler 2 and Bottle Cooler 3 make it possible to serve quality wines to order, without keeping a wide variety of wine permanently chilled - cold wine sells more white wine

Comparison of cooling times by of wine (1 liter bottles) by traditional refrigeration, against  Bottle Cooler time & Serving Temp (C)



It's Bottle Cooler time for Restaurants!
Chill any wine you want in minutes with Bottle Cooler 2 or Bottle Cooler 3. This is the secret weapon in the arsenals of top sommeliers worldwide. When wine must be perfectly chilled in minutes... its Bottle Cooler time!


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